What is Data Dashboard?

On September 8, 2016 as required by state law, the State Board of Education approved key elements of a new accountability system that evaluates schools and districts in 10 areas critical to student performance, including graduation rates, readiness for college and careers, test scores, and progress of English Learners.

School progress and accountability will be measured using the following State and local indicators:

State Performance Indicators

  • Progress of English Learners toward English proficiency based on the English Learner Indicator (Priority 4)

  • High school graduation rate (Priority 5)

  • College/Career Indicator, which combines Grade 11 test scores on English Language Arts and Math and other measures of college and career readiness (Priorities 7 and 8)

  • Suspension rates by LEA type (elementary, high, and unified), and by school type (elementary, middle, and high) (Priority 6)

Local Performance Indicators:

  • Appropriately Assigned Teachers, Access to Curriculum-Aligned Instructional Materials, and Safe, Clean, and Functional School Facilities (Priority 1)

  • Implementation of State Academic Standards (Priority 2)

  • Parent Engagement (Priority 3)

  • Local Climate Surveys (Priority 6)

California School Dashboard

California Model Five-by-Five Placement Reports & Data